6 Factors To Help You Choose Plumbing Pipe Materials

The plumbing industry has pipes of different materials, including different variations of metals and plastics. The different materials have pros and cons that make them suitable for different uses. Below are the major factors to help you choose the best plumbing pipe material. 1. The Installation Location Installation location determines the risks of damage the plumbing pipe will likely face in its lifetime. For example, soil acidity is more likely to affect underground pipes than above-ground pipes. Read More 

3 Signs It’s Time To Call A Plumber To Replace The Fill Valve In Your Toilet

Your toilet relies on a fill valve to control the water that enters the tank and eventually flushes the toilet bowl. The valve is made of plastic and has a rubber washer, and these parts can wear out over the years. It's a fairly common problem that a plumber can deal with by replacing the valve with a new one. Here are some problems you may notice when the fill valve in your toilet goes bad. Read More 

Use A Garbage Disposal For Your Home That Is Not Working? 3 Things That Could Be Wrong

Having a garbage disposal at home makes things much easier for you to throw things away. If your garbage disposal is not working, this can be caused by many things, three of which are listed below. You can then hire a garbage disposal repair service to make the repairs for you. Will Not Turn On If your garbage disposal will not turn on at all, turn it off and back on and ensure it is plugged in securely. Read More 

Drain Cleaning: What Causes Smelly Drains?

A foul odor is a typical sign that something is wrong, and if this foul smell comes from your drains, you certainly need quick intervention. You will need a drain cleaning specialist to resolve the problem quickly and effectively before things get out of hand. That's because the professionals can identify the source of the odor and apply the most effective solution to resolve the problem. So, what causes the foul odor from your drains? Read More 

What You Should Avoid When Installing A New Water Heater

If your old water heater has broken down, your next move is to invest in a new installation. This will not only save you the cost of repairs, it will also pay off in terms of efficiency. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when installing your new water heater. Improper Placement of the Relief Valve In the water heater, the relief valve controls the pressure and temperature. When it isn't installed correctly, the tank could explode. Read More