5 Signs A Home Needs Indoor Plumbing Repairs

Indoor plumbing repairs are a given over the life of a house. However, it's important to handle residential indoor plumbing repairs as soon as possible. Plumbers often tell homeowners to watch for these 5 signs that their homes' systems may require repairs.

Discolored Water 

Frequently, discolored water is the product of problems in the house's pipes. Minerals can collect in the pipes. Also, decaying pipes may release rust into the water.

Notably, it's important to verify that the problem is inside the house. Discolored water can originate with municipal water supplies or water wells. The worst of the possible scenarios involves lead in the water. However, a plumber can at least help you rule out the possibility that your home's pipes are the cause.

Skyrocketing Bills

If your home's water bill has shot up for no obvious reason, there's a good chance your home needs indoor plumbing repairs. Even a tiny leak in a pipe or faucet can run up your bill faster than you'd expect. The same can happen if the toilet is running from time to time without anyone flushing it. Little drops of water add up if you don't repair the system, and repair requirements often get more expensive with time and neglect.

Slow Draining

Damaged or clogged drains can struggle to let the water go. In some cases, you might not notice the problem until you have multiple things draining. For example, the washer might complete its cycle at the same time someone drains the bathtub. The combined demand can make it evident that the pipes aren't able to keep up.

Funny Smells

Leaky pipes can allow water to accumulate. Worse, the water may accumulate in spots where you can't even see it, such as the inside of a wall. Even a small bit of water can prime bacteria or mold growth, and either issue frequently leads to funny smells.

You might also notice funny smells if there are drainage issues because stuff can collect in the sink drains. A similar problem can happen if the sewer pipes aren't draining. This can also cause minor backups that drive sewer gases into the home.

Low Water Pressure

People often assume a house just has low water pressure, especially if they moved in after the problem appeared. However, most water pressure problems are correctable. In some cases, the job calls for indoor plumbing repairs. Others may call for adding a pump or two to the lines to reach the desired level.

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