Act Fast: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore Frozen Pipes This Winter

With winter almost here, it's time to start thinking about frozen pipes. Frozen pipes can cause a lot of problems during the winter. That's especially true if you don't take care of repairs right away. One way to mitigate the problems is to insulate your water pipes. If you don't get to that project in time, you can still end up with frozen pipes. If you usually let frozen pipes thaw out on their own, it's time for a new approach. Read the list below. Here are three problems you face if you don't get your frozen pipes repaired right away this winter.  

Ruptured Pipes

Frozen water pipes are more than a winter nuisance. They're potentially a winter plumbing hazard. You might not realize it, but frozen pipes can rupture if too much pressure builds up inside. That's especially true with freeze/thaw cycles. Each time water freezes, the pipes expand. When the water thaws, the pipes contract. This constant pressure can weaken the pipes, causing them to burst. You can avoid the risks by calling a plumber as soon as you find frozen water pipes in your home. 

Water Damage

If the pipes in your home freeze this winter, don't wait to call for repairs. Depending on where the pipes are located, they can lead to extensive water damage. This is especially true for underground pipes and pipes located inside the walls. When underground pipes freeze, they can cause serious slab damage once they rupture.

Interior pipes can destroy walls and flooring when they rupture. Either way, you'll be faced with extensive damage and expensive repairs. If you lose water pressure, but can't find the culprit, call a plumber right away. Your home could be hiding frozen pipes. Quick repairs will reduce the chances of water damage. 

Mold Growth

Mold is another problem you can face when your water pipes freeze during the winter. Moisture builds up on the outside of frozen pipes. The increased moisture creates the perfect environment for mold growth. Moisture can also cause your utility bills to rise during the winter.

The added moisture makes it difficult to heat your home. As a result, you'll pay more for your heating bills. That's why you should watch your pipes during the winter.  As soon as your pipes start to freeze, call a plumber. Your plumber can repair the pipes and add insulation to prevent further problems this winter.  

To learn more about frozen pipe repair, contact a professional near you.