Why The Hot Water In Your Home Takes Long To Get Hot

A cold shower is a relaxing way to cool off, but it is no fun not having cold water when it is not desired. If you have to turn on the shower long before getting in so it can warm up, it is not something that you should have to go through. If it takes a long time for cold water to heat up in your home, it is likely because your water heater is not doing its job. For instance, the water heater is malfunctioning because there is something wrong with it that needs to be addressed by a plumbing contractor. A plumber can also determine if something other than the water heater is contributing to the long heating times.

The Water Heater Has Damaged Parts

The first thing that a contractor will look at when determining why your water takes a long time to get hot is the important parts of the water heater. For example, the contractor will examine the dip tube because it plays a role in hot water flowing through the plumbing system. The dip tube keeps the hot and cold water separated in the tank, so a damaged tube means that the cold and hot water are mixing together. The contractor will also look at the heating element, as without it being functional, cold water will stay cold. Damaged parts can be repaired in most cases to bring a water heater back to working condition.

Hot Water Has Been Leaking Out

Another problem that could cause cold water to take longer to get hot is a leak in the water heater tank. Only a small portion of hot water might be making its way through the pipelines before leaking out of the tank. For example, if you have seen water around the water heater, it is a sign that the tank is leaking. The anode rod in the tank might be damaged, which means that your tank could have eroded and developed a crack or hole. Anode rods are needed to prevent premature erosion in a water heater tank, and you might need a new water heater if the tank is badly eroded and leaking.

Your Plumbing System is the Problem

Your water heater might not be the reason for your cold water taking a long time to get hot. For instance, your plumbing lines might be the culprit if they are full of debris. It can take a long time for hot water to travel through dirty pipes. A plumber will let you know what the problem is and make the necessary repairs.

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