Common Reasons For Noisy Pipes

You are enjoying a beautiful day at your home when all of a sudden you hear a strange noise coming from your plumbing. It is not uncommon for your plumbing to produce peculiar noises, and there are several reasons why your plumbing might be so noisy. Here are a few of the most common causes of strange noises in your household plumbing. 

Water Hammering

One of the most common reasons you will hear a strange noise coming from your pipes is water hammering. When anyone in your home shuts off the tap quickly, the water that is rushing through the pipes suddenly stops. This can cause a loud and abrupt banging noise. The best way to prevent water hammering is to slowly shut off all the faucets in your home.

If you continue to experience water hammering, your plumber can install a water hammer arrestor. This simple device helps absorb the shock that occurs when the water flowing through pipes suddenly stops. This is necessary to prevent water hammer-related damage.

High Water Pressure

A loud banging noise that occurs whenever you turn on the water in the home is often caused by high water pressure. Call your local water supplier, if you suspect you have high water pressure. If the pressure issues cannot be resolved by your water supplier, there are several options for you as a homeowner.

Contact a plumber to have a water pressure regulator installed in your home. This regulator will help lower the water pressure, which will not only eliminate the banging noise but also help prevent damage to your pipes.

Obstructions or Blockage in the Pipes

After doing the dishes, you turned off the water from the kitchen faucet and noticed a strange gurgling noise emanating from the drain. This noise is most often caused by an obstruction somewhere in the pipes. Luckily, the issue might be something as simple to resolve as a grease clog in the drain.

However, if you cannot eliminate the clog yourself, it is best to contact a plumber to determine if there is a more serious issue.

Loose Washers and Other Parts

Finally, there are several washers and other components holding your plumbing together. If any of these components become loose, the pipes will rattle as water rushes through them. A plumber can examine all your pipes and find the exact location of the loose washer or component.

From loose washers to high water pressure, there are several reasons why your pipes are making loud noises. Contact local plumbing companies to learn more.