Commercial Drain Cleaning Equipment Busts Up A Clogged Sewer Line And Gets Drains Flowing

Drain cleaning is a frustrating job when you can't get the clog to budge, or if you make it worse. Sometimes, plunging is a good way to unclog a drain, but that doesn't always work. The best way to clear a clog depends on what the clog is made of and how badly it's stuck. You'll probably need a plumber to clean the sewer drain. Here's a look at how sewer drain cleaning is done.

Why A Sewer Drain Clogs So Easily

Any drain in your home can clog up, but the sewer drain is one of the more common drains to have trouble with since it gets lint from the laundry drain, grease from the kitchen, and soap scum from the shower.

The sewer drain also gets waste and paper products from the toilet. The sewer drain is deep in the ground and challenging to reach. In addition, tree roots are often a cause of sewer clogs since roots are drawn to the water. The sewer drain may be easy to clog, but it's not so easy to clean.

How A Plumber Clears A Sewer Clog

If you look outside where the sewer pipe comes out of your house, you might see a plastic box with a lid buried in the ground. This is the cleanout box. It's a port that opens up so a plumber can work through it to clear a clogged sewer. This is much more convenient than working through the toilet or an indoor drain since a sewer line can be messy with waste.

The plumber will probably use the cleanout to send equipment into the drain. They may send a sewer camera, hydro jet, or a drain auger through the cleanout to see what's causing the clog with a video and then bust it up.

What Equipment The Plumber Uses

A hydro jet and a drain auger are two tools a plumber uses to clear out a clog. A hydro jet may be favored since it washes the inside of the sewer drain in addition to breaking up the clog. Washing the sides ensures all traces of the clog are gone along with buildup on the sides of the drain from hard water and biofilm.

A hydro jet is usually mounted on a truck or trailer since it uses pressurized water to clear the clog. The drain auger may be rolled around a wheel and brought in on a cart. They can both be sent into the drain through the cleanout, and they can be used indoors if necessary. Both of these commercial drain cleaning tools are effective at breaking up clogs, so it's up to the plumber's judgment which one to use. 

For more info about drain cleaning, contact a local company.