Tips For Handling Common Toilet Issues

Toilets are integral components of any household or commercial establishment, and like most plumbing fixtures, they are prone to encountering issues over time. Being aware of the common problems that may arise and understanding how to address them promptly can save you from costly damages and ensure that your toilets remain in good working order. 

Fixing a Running Toilet

A running toilet can be both an annoyance and a significant waste of water. To fix this common toilet issue, you can start by investigating two primary components within the toilet tank: the flapper valve and the float.

After each flush, the flapper valve seals the passage between the tank and the bowl. If it is not closing correctly, water leaks continuously into the bowl, causing your toilet to run. The float controls when water stops filling your tank after each flush. If it is too high, excess water will flow into your overflow tube continuously. This issue will also lead to the toilet running. While these issues can be relatively simple for a homeowner to repair, you must be mindful to ensure you choose replacement parts that fit your toilet. If they do not fit correctly, the parts may not stop the toilet from running.

Unclogging A Toilet Without A Plunger

Although plungers are usually effective in clearing clogs from toilets quickly, there may be instances where one is not readily available or suitable for use. You can use flexible tools like plumbing snakes or wire hangers to dislodge obstructions manually. Remember to exercise caution when using these items, as they can scratch your porcelain if not used gently. In extreme cases, they may even be able to cause the toilet to crack. During this process, you should wear protective eyewear to avoid the risk of water splashing into your eyes. The toilet water will be highly unsanitary, which could cause a severe eye infection if you accidentally splash some of the water on your face when using the drain auger.

Repairing A Leaking Toilet Base

When your toilet is leaking around the base, it can lead to water damage on your bathroom floor or harmful mold growth. Start by checking if any nuts or bolts securing your toilet base have become loose over time. Tightening these fixtures may resolve leaks without further intervention.

If tightening nuts and bolts does not solve your problem, consider replacing the wax ring beneath your toilet bowl. This component is a watertight seal between the bowl's base and flange within the floor drainpipe.

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