Septic System Need To Be Pumped? 3 Sure Signs It Does

A septic system needs to be pumped out every handful of years and possibly more or less often depending on the size of the tank and how much usage it is getting. If you live alone and have a large tank, you may be able to go years and years without having it emptied. If you live in a home with multiple people and you have a smaller tank, there's a good chance that you will need to have your tank emptied more often. If you aren't sure when to have your tank emptied, no matter the size of the tank or the amount of use it gets, read on for a few telltale signs that it is time.

1. You Are Experiencing Clogs Often

There's a good chance that your tank needs to be emptied if you are experiencing clogs in your drains often. This can also be caused by misusing your drains as well, but if you have a septic system, you may want to have your tank looked at to be sure it isn't full and is clogging your drains because of a backflow issue. If you have clogs often, have your tank and your drains inspected. Be sure you are using quick-dissolve toilet paper and that you are not flushing anything outside of toilet paper and waste down your toilet drain. You should also avoid other behaviors that may clog your drains, such as not putting the drain plug in sink basins and washing grease and oils down the drain.

2. You Smell Foul Odors In Your Drains

If you smell foul odors in the drains of your home, it could be an issue with your septic system. Those foul odors may be coming up to the surface because they literally have nowhere else to go. Your tank may be so completely full that the odors are coming back up the drains as well. You may also notice these odors outside of your home, which could indicate a leak in the tank somewhere or that it's overflowing somehow into the leach field. 

3. Your Tank Is Full

If you open the hatch and take a look inside the septic tank, you can see just how full it is. If you peered inside and it looks full to you, you may want to have it inspected and pumped out. Don't wait until you notice other issues or you see it draining into your yard. You need to take a look inside the hatch every once in a while, especially if it's been a long time since you have had your tank pumped out, and inspect it to see if it needs to be pumped out.

If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs from your septic system, it may be time to have it pumped out. Call a professional for more information about septic system pumping