An Overview Of The Sewer Line Excavation Services You’ll Need To Replace Your Sewer Line

If your sewer line has cracked or collapsed, you'll need to replace it. Since the old line is underground, you'll need to dig up the old pipe to get rid of it and put a new pipe in its place. Digging a long, wide trench can be a lot of work, so you may want a contractor who handles sewer line excavation services to handle the job for you. Here's a look at what's involved with digging up an old sewer pipe.

Prepare For Digging

You may first need to find the location of the pipe so you know where to dig. A contractor can do a video inspection of the pipe if necessary so the pipe can be located using the transmitter on the camera. The contractor picks up the signal at various places so flags can be put above the pipe to outline its location from your house to the city's main sewer line.

Another thing you'll need to do before digging is have your utility lines marked to make sure the excavation service won't harm an underground electrical cable or water line. This information helps the excavation company know what's under the ground where they'll be digging so they stay safe.

Dig The Trench

Sewer lines are buried at different depths, so the contractor may not know how deep they need to dig until they start. They have to dig down to the pipe and along each side so the pipe is exposed fully so a plumber can repair or replace it. Digging may be slow work in certain types of soil. Digging can also be complicated by obstructions.

Tree roots may cling to the pipe and hold it in place, so the contractor has to cut tree roots as they work. The sewer line might run under your patio, shed, or sidewalk. If so, the patio or sidewalk may need to be busted up to reach the pipe. A shed might have to be moved or torn down.

Digging a trench to reach the pipe destroys your lawn too. Mature landscaping might also need to be removed. Digging up a sewer line is disruptive to your yard, but you don't have much choice but to let the contractor tear up your yard so they can reach the pipe.

Install The New Pipe

With the old pipe out of the way, a new sewer line can be installed. When the pipe is connected, the contractor may fill around the sides with gravel before putting the soil back in the trench. The sewer line excavation service is careful to return the soil and compact it so your yard is level while making sure not to harm the pipe.

Contact a local sewer line excavation service to learn more.