4 Compelling Reasons To Hire A Plumber For Drain Pipe Cleaning

After discovering commercial drain cleaners and home remedies such as pouring boiling water down the drains, you might try to address all drain clogs yourself. Unfortunately, DIY attempts do more harm than good. The following are reasons to hire a plumber for thorough drain pipe cleaning services.

1. Safe Cleaning Methods 

Chemical drain cleaners often contain acids that can be dangerous when wrongly handled. The chemical might cause burns when it comes into contact with your skin. Other methods, such as hydro-jetting and snaking, require skills and experience to handle the machines appropriately. Improper handling of the machines could lead to severe cuts and injuries. Plumbers have the skills and knowledge required for safer drain cleaning. If they choose chemical treatments, they understand the precautions taken to avoid accidents or plumbing damage.

2. Protect Your Home 

Pouring boiling water into your drains might offer short-term relief. What you might not know is that doing this might damage the pipes. Therefore, water might start to leak without your knowledge, causing water damage and mold growth. However, plumbers protect your home by conducting inspections before the project. Camera drain inspections reveal what is inside your pipes and identify holes and cracks on time. You'll be able to repair damages on time and prevent leaks. This goes a long way to protect your home and avoid unnecessary repairs. 

3. Avoid Aggravating Issues 

Another serious problem with DIY cleaning attempts is the risk of magnifying problems. As a homeowner, you can easily purchase a snaking tool from the store. But what are the chances of using the sharp tool successfully? If you blindly drive the snaking tool into the pipes, you could puncture the walls, leading to massive leaks. Unfortunately, it might cost a lot more to hire a plumber for pipe relining or replacement services. Professionals use proven methods to remove clogs without aggravating the situation. 

4. Avoid the Mess 

Drain cleaning can be a dirty job. It involves driving tools into the dirty pipes. Professionals have safety gear to protect themselves during the drain pipe cleaning project. They will likely keep the debris inside the pipes using cleaner methods such as high-pressure cleaning. If the cleaning process generates dirt that could lead to health risks, the plumber will clean it up to mitigate the health risks. 

Don't stress yourself through trial-and-error drain pipe cleaning methods. You might expose yourself to health and safety risks or cause plumbing damage in the process. Instead, hire a plumber to remove the clogs, protect your pipes, and provide a lasting solution. 

For more information about residential drain cleaning, contact a local company.