6 Factors To Help You Choose Plumbing Pipe Materials

The plumbing industry has pipes of different materials, including different variations of metals and plastics. The different materials have pros and cons that make them suitable for different uses. Below are the major factors to help you choose the best plumbing pipe material.

1. The Installation Location

Installation location determines the risks of damage the plumbing pipe will likely face in its lifetime. For example, soil acidity is more likely to affect underground pipes than above-ground pipes. Similarly, outdoor pipes are more susceptible to weather damage than indoor pipes. Know the pipe's installation location before purchase.

2. Function

Plumbing pipes mainly carry hot water, cold water, and wastewater. The function matters since some fluids or substances might interact with the pipe's material. For example, PVC (a form of plastic) pipes are not suitable for hot water carriage. The material has a relatively low tolerance for hot water, so its best used for cold and wastewater transportation.

3. Durability

Many plumbing materials are durable, but some will last longer than others. For example, copper is one of the most durable plumbing materials; it can last over a century. Note that you must take good care of all your plumbing systems if you want them to serve you for long.

4. Aesthetic Concerns

Some plumbing pipes stay hidden while others remain exposed for the duration of their services. Many want their exposed pipes to blend in, complement, or at least not interfere with home aesthetics. Review the plumbing materials' colors and textures, and choose one that will not mar your home's aesthetics.

5. Environmental Concerns

Plumbing materials affect the environment in different ways. For example, some materials degrade faster than others and fill landfills, some materials are recyclable, and hot water pipes preserve heat better than others. The latter materials encourage energy efficiency, which is good for the environment.

6. The Budget

Many consider budget a bid deal during plumbing renovations or repairs, and plumbing materials attract different costs. For example, plastic pipes such as PVC and PEX are relatively more affordable than metal pipes. Note that material cost is just one aspect of plumbing; for example, you still have to factor in the labor costs.

In many cases, you will have multiple material options for the same plumbing project. Luckily, you don't have to know everything about plumbing materials to choose the best one. Your plumbing contractor will discuss the options and help you select the best one.

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