Use A Garbage Disposal For Your Home That Is Not Working? 3 Things That Could Be Wrong

Having a garbage disposal at home makes things much easier for you to throw things away. If your garbage disposal is not working, this can be caused by many things, three of which are listed below. You can then hire a garbage disposal repair service to make the repairs for you.

Will Not Turn On

If your garbage disposal will not turn on at all, turn it off and back on and ensure it is plugged in securely. You should also check the circuit breaker to make sure it has not been tripped. If so, turn the circuit breaker back on to see if your garbage disposal starts working again 

If your garbage disposal will still not turn on you may have to replace it. This is because the unit likely has problems with an internal component that will be expensive to repair. The garbage disposal may have burned out, which will require a replacement. 

Drains Slowly

When you turn on your garbage disposal it should immediately grind up the food and then immediately drain from the sink. If your disposal is draining slowly this can be caused by dull blades. If so, you can have the blades replaced by a garbage disposal repair company. They can also sharpen the blades, so they do not have to replace them in some cases.

If the blades are not dull, there is likely a clog in your plumbing pipes. Contact a plumber to inspect the pipes and remove the clog for you. Your garbage disposal should then start to drain fast again.  

Disposal is Jammed

If you are hearing a humming sound when you turn on the garbage disposal, there is likely something that is causing a jam with the blades. Turn the circuit breaker off for the garbage disposal to ensure it is completely powered off. Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands, stick your hand down the sink and turn the blade gently. This should release the jam and the disposal should start working again.

Turn the circuit breaker back on to see if the humming sound is gone. If it is not, contact a garbage disposal repair service. The jam may be much worse, and the disposal will have to be taken apart to be repaired. Fortunately, this problem is generally not difficult to repair.  

There are many more problems you can have with a garbage disposal, such as smelling foul odors or having leaks.