Drain Cleaning: What Causes Smelly Drains?

A foul odor is a typical sign that something is wrong, and if this foul smell comes from your drains, you certainly need quick intervention. You will need a drain cleaning specialist to resolve the problem quickly and effectively before things get out of hand. That's because the professionals can identify the source of the odor and apply the most effective solution to resolve the problem. So, what causes the foul odor from your drains? Read on to find out.

1. Growth of Bacteria

Bacteria and dirt buildup in your drains may be the reason your house is filled with an unbearable odor. That is because when waste materials such as hair, food, and filth, get stuck in your drains for a long time, they start decomposing, harbor bacteria, and produce a stinky smell. In such cases, you'll need professional drain cleaners with specialized tools like drain inspection cameras and hydro jets to help clear off the accumulated waste and eliminate the smell.

2. Clogs in the Vent

A broken or clogged vent could be a source of drain odor in your home. For instance, corrosion and other forms of degradation may contribute to the clogging of your vent over time. In addition, physical debris such as leaves can clog your vents and start producing a foul smell. You'll want a drain cleaning professional to remove such blockages and replace any corroded vents to allow unrestricted airflow.

3. Faulty Sump Pump

A foul odor might be produced when wastewater goes to the sump pump and stagnates. One of the main reasons water may stagnate in the sump pump is if there is accumulated dirt and debris. The best way to avoid such dirt from accumulating in your sump pump is to ensure the lid at the top of the water pipe emptying into the sump is well attached. However, if the damage has already occurred and you suspect the foul smell is coming from your sump pump, it is best to call drain cleaners to inspect the entire system, clean the drains, and solve any other problems. 

4. Unused Drains

The P-trap in your trains always contains water that collects gases from the wastewater. However, when a drain is not used for a long time, this water evaporates, releasing wastewater odors into your house. Sadly, common drain cleaners can only temporarily cover up the smells and do not address the root cause of the issue. So, if you have not used your sink drain for a while and it produces a bad smell, hire pros to clean your P-trap and the entire drain to prevent odor and backup problems.

Drains don't simply generate unpleasant odors in one section of your home. The smell typically diffuses from the drains to every room, which might make your entire house uncomfortable. To avoid discomfort and embarrassment, turn to a professional drain cleaning service such as Rooter Express Plumbing & Drain to identify the cause of the odor and clean the drains.