What You Should Avoid When Installing A New Water Heater

If your old water heater has broken down, your next move is to invest in a new installation. This will not only save you the cost of repairs, it will also pay off in terms of efficiency. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when installing your new water heater.

Improper Placement of the Relief Valve

In the water heater, the relief valve controls the pressure and temperature. When it isn't installed correctly, the tank could explode. Therefore, anything or anyone near the tank will be drenched in water. The valve should be installed a few inches from the floor and at the side of the tank. This allows it to open automatically and relieve the pressure inside the tank.

Improper Soldering of Pipes

Water pipes should be soldered to the tank and water line. Homeowners make the mistake of soldering the pipes close to the water tank. Since the water tank has many plastic fittings, it can be easily melted and destroyed when a propane torch is too close to the pipes. As a result, the tank becomes ineffective.

This is one reason why DIY water heater installations are discouraged. A technician knows how to create a segment that will be soldered to the pipe nipples and far from the tank. This keeps the water heater's plastic fittings from being melted.

Failing to Consider Energy Efficient Water Heaters

The price of water heaters is currently low. However, these heaters require a lot of maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts. On the other hand, an energy-efficient water heater lasts longer than tank water heaters. 

Since these heaters don't have a water tank, there is no sediment in the system to cause rust. Many homeowners avoid buying these heaters because they are costly. However, considering the long-term costs, these systems will be worth your while in the future.

Dry Firing Your Water Heater

Another common mistake people make after installing a new water heater is turning it on before the tank is full. This is called dry fire. When you make this mistake, you risk damaging the heating elements of the water system. You should turn on the hot water tap and leave it to run before firing your new water heater. 

Experts discourage DIY water heater installation because it often leads to costly repairs. After shopping for the ideal water heater, find a technician to install it for you. When choosing a water heater, consider the size of your household, the size of the tank, electricity or gas costs, and the cost of installation.

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