Signs Your Drain Needs Repair

The drainage system in your home plays an important role in getting rid of domestic waste. You should schedule regular drain line repair to ensure your drainage system is functioning properly. This will help avoid costly drain line replacement expenses.

Here are the major signs your drain needs repair.

Bad Odor

One of the obvious signs your sewer lines require repair is a constant sewage smell in your home. Usually, this is a sign of damaged or clogged sewage lines. Fortunately, timely drain line repair can help rectify the damage.

Consistent Waste Backups

If you notice backups in your sinks or toilets, this is usually a sign of obstruction in your drain line. If only a single toilet seems blocked, this is easy to rectify as it shows only a single drain pipe is clogged. However, if you are experiencing a backup in all sinks and toilets in your home, this is a sign of ground shifting, broken pipes, or interfering vegetation roots in your sewer line. Hire drain line repair services immediately to rectify the situation whenever you notice waste backup. This will help prevent bacteria, viruses, and toxins from entering your home.  

Overgrown Vegetation and Water Pools in Your Lawn

Overgrown vegetation in your yard or lawn is usually a sign of leaking drain lines. Normally, sewage waste contains nutrients that act as fertilizer for vegetation around the drain line. In case of leakage, you should notice overgrown vegetation patches in your lawn that appear green and healthy. Therefore, pools of wastewater in your lawn are an indication that your drain lines need repair.  

Water Damage

Damaged drain lines cause wastewater to leak, resulting in stained walls and floors. Failure to take action triggers mold growth and can diminish your home's structural integrity. These are risks you cannot afford. Therefore, you must hire drain repair services as soon as you notice signs of water damage.

Old and Worn-Out Drain Lines

If your drain lines have been functional for decades, it's common to notice performance problems like slow drains. Hiring a professional plumber can help determine the problem's cause and rectify the issue. Normally, the performance problem could result from clogged or damaged drain lines. Professional plumbers can recommend that you repair or replace your drain lines based on the damages.

Clogged or damaged drain lines can be stressful to deal with and are best repaired immediately. If you notice a bad odor from your drain line, this is an indication your drain line could be damaged. Other indications that you should seek drain line repair services include overgrown vegetation on your lawn, consistent waste backup, and water damage.

For more information on drain line repair, contact a professional near you.