Do You Need A New Water Heater? 4 Reasons To Consider The Tankless One

Are you in the market for a new water heating system? Even if you are in the market for the umpteenth time, the numerous water heaters on sale might confuse you. When searching for an ideal unit, you probably stumbled across the tankless heater that is more affordable, convenient, and reliable than the traditional heaters. Below are some reasons to invest in a tankless heating system.

1. Occupy Less Space

Traditional heaters have huge tanks meant for hot water storage. However, these water tanks often take up a lot of valuable space. Therefore, it might not be suitable for small houses. If you invest in a tankless heater, you can use the freed-up space to store other belongings. The modern tankless option takes up far less space because the system doesn't require a tank. It is designed to heat water instantly as it flows out of your shower head or faucet.

2. Enjoy Significant Energy Savings

Conventional heaters with water tanks constantly lose energy since the water in the tank loses heat. The heated water loses heat every minute, and you could use more energy to reheat it to the desired temperature. A tankless system heats water on an as-per-needed basis. It works efficiently to cut down energy consumption and utility bills. Therefore, you will enjoy significant long-term savings when using tankless water heaters.

3. Reliability

The tankless heater ensures you always have hot water for use in the bathroom or kitchen. Conventional systems store water in a tank, so there are times you'll need to wait for the system to fill the tank for you to enjoy hot water from your showerhead. This can cause inconveniences. Tankless heaters provide a reliable hot water supply. Therefore, you can reduce energy consumption using the tankless heater.

4. Durability

Manufacturers often focus on releasing better products into the market every year. The tankless heater is designed to serve you for many years if used and maintained appropriately. The modern unit also requires less maintenance than the conventional systems. However, you might need to schedule more inspection and maintenance practices if you receive hard water. Therefore, you can forget frequent tank cleaning and receive a constant hot water supply.

Are you looking to install a water heater? With all this information, you now have valid reasons to consider a tankless one. Contact a contractor for assistance with a water heater installation. Remember to discuss your hot water needs with the contractor to pick and install the best heater for your family.