4 Warning Signs It Is Time for Professional Drain Cleaning Services

It is not uncommon for homeowners to forget about their plumbing systems, provided they work as expected. Unfortunately, your drains will show signs of trouble that worsen if you fail to act quickly. Instead of choking the drains with harsh chemicals that promise to clean the pipes, you should consider hiring professionals for the job. So, how do you tell it is time to clean the drains? Take a look at some warning signs that show your drains are clogged.

1. Slow Drainage

Does it take longer than usual for your sink or bathtub to drain water? Over time, as soap, food remains, scum, and hair get trapped within the drain pipes, they accumulate and clog the drains. As a result, there's little space for water to pass through, which explains the slow drainage.

You'll need effective techniques to clear the blockages and allow water to pass through the pipes smoothly. Home remedies such as using a plunger provide short-term results, whereas drain cleaners use reliable methods like snaking to eliminate the clogs and solve the problem.

2. Standing Water

Some homeowners choose to leave slow drains unaddressed. With time, the clogs build up, blocking the pipes completely. When you notice that water won't drain completely from the sinks or appliances, it's time to call for help from plumbing contractors.

Standing water might cause water damage or corrode the pipes, which increases restoration and repair costs. Always call the professionals to clean the drains and inspect the plumbing systems to determine if there's a need for further repairs.

3. Unusual Gurgling Noises

Pay attention to how the water drains down the pipes. Do you hear any unusually loud or bubbling noises? If you do, these are early signs of drain clogs. As the blockage builds up, it might create air bubbles that struggle to co-exist with the water draining into the pipes. Therefore, schedule an appointment with the drain cleaners before the situation gets out of hand.

4. Foul Odors

The food debris and dirt trapped in your drains slowly decay and emit foul odors. It is hard to ignore the smell of rotting food or sewage emanating from the drains. You may also see fruit flies around the drain pipes, which tells you that something is cooking beneath the pipes.

Drain cleaners might recommend using hydro jetting if there's an awful smell. The technique involves directing high-pressure water down the drains to eliminate dirt and related odors.

Drain cleaning shouldn't necessarily be an action you take after trouble sets in; you should embrace routine drain cleaning. Therefore, besides paying attention to these warning signs, consider scheduling routine preventative cleaning to prolong the lifespan of your drains.