Need Sewer Line Camera Inspection? Here Are Ways To Tell

It is challenging to handle sewer line problems, especially if you're not an experienced plumber. When not addressed on time, they can cause significant damage to your property. You'll also have to part with huge clean-up costs, and the wastewater can be a source of health complications for your family. So, whenever you experience issues with your sewer line, contact an experienced plumber to inspect your line. Sometimes, these professionals may have to use a sewer line camera to pinpoint the source of your issue. But, when is it necessary to undertake such an inspection? Here are a few instances you should know.

You Plan To Relocate To A New Home

If you're planning to move into a new home, you should consider inspecting your sewer line. This is important, especially if you plan to purchase an older home with many trees. In such homes, it's likely that the roots have overgrown and caused the pipes to burst. A  sewer line camera can easily detect this issue among others. Once the problem is detected and resolved, you won't have to deal with any sewer issues soon after moving in.

You're Experiencing A Sudden Rise In Your Water Bill 

Sometimes, you may have consistent water usage, but you've begun to experience a rise in your water bill. If this happens, you are likely having leaking faucets or plumbing lines. If you perform a visual inspection and can't detect any problem,  a sewer line inspection can help establish the cause of your problem. After such an assessment, a plumber can advise on the root cause of your rising water bill.

You Have A Slow Drain Line

If the drain in your home takes time to remove water, you could be facing a serious issue within your sewer line. This is the case if you can hear persistent gurgling sounds. You'll hear this noise if there are air bubbles are trapped within the drain line, making the plumbing vent inaccessible. Don't try to unclog your drain with harsh chemicals as you may cause significant damage to the pipes. A camera inspection can help to detect the root cause of your problem and address it before it becomes problematic.

If you have issues within your drain line, a plumber can inspect for issues using sewer line cameras. This is a convenient way to pinpoint the source of your drain problem and address them before they cause significant damage.

For more information on sewer line inspection, contact a company near you.