What Happens When You Call Professionals For Septic Tank Services?

As a homeowner, all home maintenance responsibilities befall you. Therefore, you might need to learn about septic tank services and when to seek these services. Emptying and servicing your tank often adds some life to it and prevents back-ups and environmental pollution. But before you jump into scheduling an appointment with the specialists, you might want to understand the process of pumping and cleaning a septic tank. Continue reading to know what to expect when the experts arrive at the site.

1. Site Assessment

Before the septic tank professionals get their hands dirty, they trace the exact location of the septic tank and uncover its lid. Finding the tank will not be hard as the property's original owner since you can easily remember the location.

If the house is preowned, the inspection documents you got before buying the house might help you find the tank. If the tank lids are worn-out and corroded, you might need to replace them for safety.

2. Pumping Process

The professionals are well-equipped to pump the tank if necessary. The specialists will drive a high-power hose linked to a reservoir behind a specialized truck into the septic tank. The suction hose will suck out all contents in the tank, including liquid and solid waste.

Sometimes the hose fails to collect all the contents in the tank since sludge can be too thick and heavy to dislodge easily. If that is the case, the professional will use a long stick or other advanced mechanisms to dislodge the thick solid waste.

3. Thorough Tank Cleaning

The septic service team uses high-pressurized water to clean the tank and eliminate most of the sludge stuck in the tank. They will then drive the suction hose into the tank to remove the water used to wash the tank. Cleaning the tanks is crucial in paving the way for the inspection process.

4. Final Inspection

After cleaning the tank walls, the professionals can have better views to check the tank's exterior and interior. First, they will inspect the walls for leaks and holes. Any root penetration can signal a disaster waiting to happen.

Depending on what they find, they can repair any damages in the septic tank. This should save you some money in the long run. Once the tank is fixed, the professional will close and rebury it until the next service date.

Your septic tank works tirelessly throughout the years to ensure your home is clean and safe. A little concern and attention will go a long way into prolonging its life. Therefore, schedule septic tank services today to ensure your septic system works efficiently.