5 Reasons To Consider Professional AC Tuneup

An air conditioner tune-up ensures that your unit is running at maximum potential. It also helps extend the life of an AC system by cleaning components and replenishing fluids used to cool the evaporator, compressor, condenser coil, etc. Tune-ups are especially important for individuals with allergies or asthma because it will remove mold spores from the unit's internals.

1. Cleaning Components

The concentration of pollen, allergens, dust mites, and other irritants in your home is often much higher than in outdoor environments; this buildup occurs when these contaminants enter into an AC system through intake vents. A proper tune up takes care of this problem by clearing away debris like dead leaves and exoskeletons (part of bug bodies) that collect in the compressor's fins.

2. Replenishing Fluids

For those who use their AC far more than others, it may be necessary to recharge your cooling system with refrigerant as part of a tune-up process. If there isn't enough gas left in the system, there won't be enough pressure for the AC to operate at optimum efficiency; this means you'll spend more money on utility bills and run the risk of overheating or freezing your home.

3. Preventing Future Damage and Breakdowns

A standard tune up puts preventative measures into place so you're less likely to need costly repairs down the line. The components will still wear out over time, but you can at least make them last longer by replenishing their lubricants and draining out any corrosion.

4. Removing Contaminants

Mold spores are a nuisance to people with respiratory problems, but they're also extremely difficult to get rid of without advanced cleaning agents. Unfortunately, many interior AC units aren't properly sealed off from the rest of the house because of intake vents that allow moisture and other contaminants into your unit. An AC tune up ensures these vents are clean so allergens won't have an opportunity to pollute your cooling system.

5. Enhancing Efficiency

While many people focus on getting the most powerful equipment possible, this isn't always efficient over time. Instead of having a single unit running at full power all day, you should consider having two or more units that run at smaller levels. This way, your home's temperature will fall faster and stabilize at a lower level while reducing energy costs.

In conclusion, an AC tune-up is one of the best ways to maximize your cooling system's effectiveness and prevent problems that might cause extensive damage down the road. Tune ups are especially important for those with respiratory conditions because they remove mold spores, allergens, dust mites, etc. from intake vents. Contact a HVAC contractor today and schedule a professional AC tune-up.

For more information on an AC tune-up, contact a professional near you.