5 Benefits Of Tank Style Water Heaters

If your water heater recently failed, then you may be given the choice to replace it with a similar tank style heater or to change over to a tankless "on-demand" style heater. There are a few benefits of the tank version, which you should consider before choosing the replacement model.

1. Lower Cost Options

When it comes to unit cost, tank water heaters typically provide more options at a lower price point than those available for tankless heaters. This means you can be sure to find a water heater in your price range that provides sufficient heating capacity for your household's needs. Further, most homes are equipped for tank heaters, so there will be no additional installation cost for retrofitting a location for a new tankless heater.

2. Single Install Site

In most homes, a single tank heater can supply sufficient hot water for the entire household. Tankless heaters are sometimes called point-of-use heaters because most models can only heat the water for one or two rooms. This means you may need multiple tankless heaters for a large or multi-story home. Multiple install sites take up room and it also means wiring and plumbing new locations for a water heater placement. None of this is a concern if you stick with tank style heaters.

3. Power Outage Usability

Having some hot water on hand for a few hours during a short power outage can be a huge convenience. This convenience is possible with a tank heater since it always has its capacity of water available and preheated so it's ready for use. There will be no hot water during power outages with a tankless heater, but you can still enjoy a warm shower in the morning if you wake up to no power -- as long as you have a tank heater.

4. Efficiency Technology

One reason tankless water heaters are popular is their energy efficiency. Modern tank heaters are also Energy Star rated, and even the lower-cost units provide acceptable levels of efficiency these days. This means you can save money on installation by opting for a lower-cost tank heater, while still saving money over time via reduced energy usage.

5. Easy Availability

Finally, your water heater service will usually have access to a range of tank water heater models for you to choose from simply because they are still the more popular style of water heater in many cities. This means you have more models, features, and price points to choose from, compared to the less ubiquitous tankless heaters.

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