Why Sewer Line Inspection Is Crucial If You Believe You Have A Leak

The sewer line running from your home to the city sewer system or an onsite septic system is typically buried well below the surface of your yard but should not be ignored. Sewer line repair is critical if the line is broken or leaking and can cause problems inside your home that can affect your family's health. There are some things to watch for that will help you determine when to call a sewer line repair service.

Odor From Drains

The plumbing system inside your home is designed to trap sewer gas and keep it from coming out of the drains inside the house. If you are smelling any odor coming from the drains, there could be an issue with the sewer line that is allowing sewer gas to enter the home. 

Sewer gases can be toxic to people over time and pose a significant threat to you and your family. A plumber that offers residential sewer line repair should investigate any unexplained odor from the drains in your house. 

The sewer line can be inspected using a fiber-optic camera inserted into the pipe to determine if there is damage before digging up the sewer line. If the line is broken, sewer repair needs to happen right away to correct the problem and eliminate the potential health threat in your home.

Slow Drains

Slow drains are common in homes that have a clog in a drain pipe coming from a fixture, but when all the drains in the house begin to drain slowly, there is often a more significant problem. Getting a sewer line repair service to come and check the system is vital if you are seeing this because the clog or problem is most likely in the sewer line, not the drain lines.

The plumber you are working with can check all the individual lines, but often they will start with the outgoing sewer line because the symptoms suggest a problem there, not in the house.  

Septic And Sewer Line Leaks

If you have a septic system on the property, the issues could be related to the sewer line feeding the system. When you need sewer line repair, you will often find several compounded issues, including soggy grass in your yard, an odor over the sewer line, and sometimes puddles that formed as the water from the sewer system leached up through the soil and settled on the surface of your lawn. 

When symptoms like these surface, the sewer line repair service may need to excavate the sewer line to replace or repair the problem. Digging up the line can be a big job, and the costs can run into the thousands, but neglecting the repairs can cause health problems, damage the property, and cause problems that will increase the repair costs later.

Reach out to a professional who can tell you if you need sewer line repairs