See What You Should Do If You Want Your Drains To Serve You Longer

With regular inspections and proper maintenance, your drains and drainage pipes can be in perfect shape for decades. However, if you don't check them often simply because they are working, you may end up with expensive drainage problems and some other plumbing emergencies to handle. Typically, problems like leaking or clogged drainage lines are disgusting. They can also be embarrassing, especially when they happen when you have guests in your home. Luckily, you can prevent drainage problems and maintain an efficient and reliable drainage system for many years by doing the following:

Avoid Pouring Grease and Oil into the Drains

If you want to have efficient drains longer, you should consider what you pour into your sinks, particularly the kitchen sinks. When cleaning utensils, ensure you first pour the fat residue into the trash bin before washing them. Otherwise, if you rinse them directly, the fat and grease will go down the drain and cause serious drainage problems. This happens because grease and fat usually solidify on the sides of your drainage lines, causing clogs that hinder proper water flow. 

Always Let a Plumber Clean Your Drains

With so many drain cleaning products available today, you may sometimes want to clean the drains yourself. Unfortunately, you might end up using the wrong cleaners and damage the drainage system. For this reason, a skilled plumber should handle the drains any time they get clogged or develop any other problem. They always use gentle and biodegradable cleaners to unclog them, which helps maintain the integrity of your drains. 

Competent plumbers usually avoid cleaners with ingredients like chlorine and sodium hydroxide because these chemicals can cause pipe corrosion and are not environmentally friendly. And since you want to have a functional drainage system that lasts for many years, always leave the drain cleaning work to a competent plumber.

Invest in a Drain Cover

It's advisable to cover the drains to prevent hair and fur from getting into the drainage system. Most of the hair shed when showering will end up in the drainage pipes. Also, as you groom your pets, the plucked-out fur may find its way down the drain. The hair and fur usually build up over time and eventually clog the drainage system. Fortunately, it's possible to keep hair and fur off your drains. You just need to place a drain cover on the drains to trap hair, fur, and other particles.

You actually save money and time and avoid distress when you carry out proper drainage maintenance. Where possible, a competent and certified plumber should inspect your drainage pipes regularly and unclog the clogged ones. By so doing, you will effectively bid plumbing emergencies goodbye and maintain the efficiency and integrity of your drains for a long time. 

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