What Makes A Salt-Free Water Softener System A Great Purchase For Your Home?

Living with hard water in your home can be incredibly frustrating. And this is not surprising when you consider all the challenges that this type of water poses. To begin with, utilizing hard water daily will harm the water-reliant appliances in your home, as the minerals contained in hard water will steadily leave mineral deposits on their internal components, which eventually compromises their functionality.

Moreover, hard water does not allow soap to lather easily, and this makes dishwashing, doing laundry, and so on challenging. Not to mention that the minerals in hard water can lead to clogs in the pipework. With that said, it is not surprising that you are likely in the market for a water softener. But before you opt for the standard salt-based water softener systems that are in that market, consider the following qualities that make a salt-free water softener a great purchase for your home.

A salt-free water softener system will save you cash on household costs

One of the leading advantages of salt-free water softeners is that they can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run so this makes them an economical option for any household. First off, these types of water softeners are not designed to trap ions. Thus, they do not consume any electricity when they are running, which means your electricity bill will not spike once you start utilizing this water softener system.

Secondly, a salt-free water softener system will crystallize the minerals contained in the hard water. Hence, you will not be using excessive amounts of soap to carry out household tasks such as washing dishes, cleaning laundry, and more, which reduces your detergent costs.

A salt-free water softener does not require arduous upkeep

While salt-based water softeners are capable of doing the work they are designed for, not many homeowners consider what will be required of them to keep their water softener system up and running. A little-talked about maintenance measure that you would need to take for a salt-based system in ensuring its tank always contains sufficient water and the salt level should be constantly above this water. If you are to forget to keep these measurements at the appropriate level, you stand the chance of not getting the most out of your water softener system.

In addition to this, a salt-based system is bound to develop salt bridges after a while. It is your job as a homeowner to break apart these bridges each time they form so that the functionality of the water softener system is not jeopardized. These are not tasks that you will have to perform with a salt-free water system. In fact, the only upkeep it requires is replacing the sediment filter on an annual basis.

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